Fire up the grille for a Father’s Day feast

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Cooking is an act of love, and these Italian-inspired burgers will show Papà how much you care. Try them with truffle chips and a spicy salsa rosso. What ‘Dad’ doesn’t love a barbecue? It’s like a primal rite. When I asked my husband what he wanted for a Father’s Day … Read More

Planning your wedding: what does ‘perfect’ look like?

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It’s a question every couple should ask – of each other. Creating a shared vision for your special day starts with a conversation about your individual priorities. “Absolutely no way: we’re not inviting him – and it doens’t matter if he’s your Dad’s oldest friend!” Ah, we’re getting down to … Read More

Family and food: a recipe for an Italian Easter

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Easter is one of Italy’s most important holidays – a riot of religious processions, village festivals, family get-togethers and seasonal produce. Capture its flavours with our four-course feast. “Agnello al forno con patate – loads of garlic and rosemary, absolutely no sauce!”. That’s what wedding planner, Masterchef finalist and Italian … Read More

Dolce Lusso Cakes is ‘Star baker’

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Luxury wedding cakes that not only look to good to eat, they taste divine too! I’m excited to announce that I have been featured as a ‘Star Baker’ in the latest issue of Your Berks, Bucks, Oxon County Wedding Magazine. In the interview, you will discover a little bit more … Read More

Your luxury wedding cake: flavour is not an afterthought

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 Your wedding is a special day. And your cake should be one of its centrepieces. But how it tastes is just as important as how it looks. Wedding cakes are a lot like a bride’s dress. They have to look right, and they can cause a bit of stress. … Read More

COVID-19 and your perfect wedding cake: the show must go on

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2020 is now the year of COVID-19: it’s presenting changes and challenges we haven’t seen in generations. Social-distancing being just one of them. But we will pull through, and we’ll adapt. Dolce Lusso (the Oxfordshire-based luxury wedding cake company) is open for business as usual… and you’ve got a  wedding … Read More

Love is enough


  Your wedding day is more than just a day – it’s a celebration of shared love and commitment. What better time than Valentine’s Day to big up about romance and highlight one of my latest creations? This William Morris inspired wedding cake was featured on the Love My Dress … Read More

Did someone say Christmas Shopping Extravaganza?

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Badgemore Park, in Henley-on-Thames, are hosting a Christmas Fair on the evening of Monday 4th November and all day on Tuesday 5th November. The Monday evening (6-8pm) will be a social affair, with a bar, music and an opportunity to socialise and shop. Tuesday (9am-4pm) will see the doors open … Read More