Your luxury wedding cake: flavour is not an afterthought

In BLOG by Kate Lieberman

Your wedding is a special day. And your cake should be one of its centrepieces. But how it tastes is just as important as how it looks.

Wedding cakes are a lot like a bride’s dress. They have to look right, and they can cause a bit of stress.

For many, it’s easy to focus on the cake’s design, colours and structure. After all, they’re the things your guests will notice first. But taste, texture and flavour combinations matter. They turn a piece of art into an edible experience that’s memorable, for all the right reasons.

Key points to consider when commissioning your luxury wedding cake:

Taste is everything

You have your favourite foods, and you’ll probably want to incorprate some of those into your wedding menu. Your luxury wedding cake can complement it. That means: be selctive about flavour.

At Dolce Lusso Cakes, we believe simplicity is the highest form of sophistication. And we’re constantly inspired by the seasonality and regionality of Italian cuisine.

Our Menu Degustazione contains 16 wedding cake flavour combinations. So, you have plenty of choice. Some of our most popular options, include: Prosecco with strawberry and vanilla; cioccolato with hazelnuts, and Marsala wine with citrus fruits.

Sensation matters

Italian gastronomy is incredibly diverse. Recipes differ between villages, let alone the country’s 20 regions. But one thing unites the nation’s food: depth of flavour and texture. From antipasti to a meal’s primi and secondi courses, the Italians know how to add a surprising twist to even the humblest of ingredients. It could be a touch of chilli; some fried breadcrumbs, or a lemony gremolata.

We take a similar approach to your artisan luxury wedding cake. It all depends on the time of year, or your personal preferences.

Texture equals interest

Fresh and dried fruit, and/or nuts bring a different dimension and background flavour. We use fresh strawberries, raspberries, citrus and carrot, because they add zing and zest. We also infuse dried raisins or sultanas with rum or Marsala to plump up the fruit, and enhance their flavour. Hazelnuts and almonds are staples of the Italian larder. And I love their ability to introduce texture and soft crunch. You don’t have to endure blandly-homogenous cake.

Fillings are more than just buttercream

Fillings are a great way of layering up nuanced flavour to your luxury wedding cake. And buttercream is not your only option. We offer a wide variety of fillings, from conserves and ganache to curds and reductions. Our most popular fillings, include raspberry, white chocolate, Prosecco and lemon. Get creative!

Take a balanced approach

With any flavour combination, subtlety makes all the difference. No single element must dominate the other. We prefer cleanness of taste over cloying sweetness; delicacy and moistness over richness or heaviness. The very best Italian food has a deft, easy touch. We aim to bake that in to every wedding cake. The flavours you choose should be the flavours you taste.

Quality is your best ingredient

From restaurants to home kitchens, the joy Italian cooking lies in its simplicity. Fresh, local and seasonal ingredients are king. As a result, over-adornment is unnecessary. We share this philosophy, and we only use the finest quality ingredients (organic and locally-sourced, where possible). They might cost more – but you’ll see and sense their value immediately. Don’t settle for inferior raw materials, because they will directly affect your finished wedding cake

The proof is in the pudding

To see Dolce Lusso Cakes’ full menu of flavours, just contact me through this site. You can then request a taster box and sample up to six flavours, and I’ll send it yo you by next-day Royal Mail delivery.