The best ingredient in any wedding cake is a brief 
– here are 5 reasons why.

In BLOG by Kate Lieberman

A wedding cake is more than just a cake – it’s a memorable marker of a couple’s union. Getting it right takes planning and expertise. That’s where a brief comes in. At Dolce Lusso Cakes, the brief is our most important ingredient. Before we bake anything, we use it to define a client’s vision, budget and requirements. If you’re considering making or commissioning a wedding cake, here’s how a brief can help you:

Turn a blank canvas into a blueprint
Making wedding cakes is not only art: it’s commercial creativity. And a brief ensures this creativity meets specific and unique needs. We don’t produce cakes for our portfolio – we exist to create something special for clients. The brief provides the perfect starting point for every order.

Collaboration counts
No wedding is the same; a couple’s wedding cake should reflect that. And no one knows better what they want than they do. That’s why we complete the brief in close collaboration with clients. We can then advise them how their cake can match their theme, thoughts and spend. We prefer to do this face-to-face with a personal consultation, where clients can sample flavours with a complimentary glass of prosecco.

The difference is in the detail
Each consultation always uncovers something unique that can inform what we do. And the brief captures key insights that directly affect the end deliverable:

– When and where will the wedding take place?
– How many guests will be attending?
– What theme will it have?
– Do we need to consider any food allergies?
– What budget are we working to?

But a brief also opens up opportunities to inspire the finished flavour and design. For example: is there an interesting story behind how the couple met?

Document everything
Using a brief to structure conversations about a wedding cake order is invaluable. For us, it positively standardises the creative process, when interpreting a couple’s needs, and translating these into a product that wows on the big day. For clients, the brief is a reassuring reference for what has been commissioned – particularly, as many book their wedding cakes up to 18 months in advance.

The best ingredient is best practice
As a document, a wedding cake brief summarises critical conversations between cake maker and client. It also helps decide the eventual cake’s decorative design, colour palette, cake type and flavour. When we share the brief with our clients, we also like to include simple 2D sketch to make sure all parties are clear and agreed on how to move forward.

Ultimately, a brief sets proper parameters for creativity – in line with a client’s budget and expectations. It works for wedding cakes, just as it does for any commercially creative endeavour. To understand the value of briefing in creative process and its results, watch the excellent documentary Briefly.